Give Leads - Get Leads

You gotta be in it to win it!

Half of Success in Life is Showing Up

In this “Give to Get” marketing venue, possibly the most important responsibility of all is to make yourself visible.

When you are not at a meeting:  

  • You are not giving leads to other members
  • You are not receiving leads from other members
  • You are not able to give your commercial and educate your colleagues as to how they can best help you market your business
  • You miss the opportunity to form close relationships with your colleagues. In many professions, a sense of trust between members is essential before a referral will be made to another member’s client.
  • You miss the energy and the sense of camaraderie in the room and you are sometimes conspicuous by your absence. Every member has the ability to appoint an alternate representative who can attend the meeting on those occasions when an absence cannot be avoided.
  • You miss hearing the week’s featured speaker, and the opportunity to learn about ways you might be able to give leads to that person
  • Guests are less than impressed when we do not have a full house to enthusiastically greet them

This is a long-term commitment, not a short term answer to someone’s financial woes. Focus on building relationships! This will make results happen!!

And when you ARE at the meeting, please remember the President makes every effort to keep the meetings on time and to the point. Arriving late and/or leaving early is disruptive and can make guests wonder if we are truly committed to our purpose of enhancing each others’ businesses.