Building Business By Building Relationships



Lead Exchange Network Inc. is an organization of business people dedicated to the ideals of bettering their respective careers through the interchange of business Leads. One member represents each occupational endeavor and conflicts of interest are not allowed.


The basic goal of this organization shall be to exchange business Leads and extend loyalty in the form of Leads to other members.


Members are required to sign (on their application) and abide by the following Commitment:

  1. I will have a fellow member satisfy my business or personal needs whenever possible.
  2. I will actively participate in Group activities. If my alternate or I should miss four (4) meetings in a calendar quarter, my membership is subject to termination.
  3. I will provide a minimum of two Leads per month to any Group member.
  4. I will be the Featured Speaker or the Doorkeeper when it is my turn to do so.
  5. I will invite qualified guests to meetings and will encourage them to join.
  6. I will conform to Lead Exchange Network Inc. By-Laws and subsequent changes.


  • Integrity: Actions and words are consistent with our core values
    | “Talk the talk, walk the walk.”  | 
  • Loyalty: Trust and faith in all relationships.
    | “All for one, one for all.” | 
  •  Passion: Feeling based on conviction and strongly held desires and beliefs.
    | “From the Heart.” | 
  • Commitment: Follow through until you accomplish your desired outcome.
    | “We practice Stick-to-it-iveness.” | 
  • Accountability: Accepting the responsibility for our actions, behavior and choices.
    | “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” | 
  • Excellence: Performing above and beyond normal expectations while adhering to the highest standards.
    | “The best-without peer.” |