Giving a Commercial

Representing Yourself with a  30 second Commercial

Start off with an introduction

  • Your name
  • Your company name (and location)
  • Your profession/what you do
  • Each week focus on one specific aspect of your profession: a single product or service you offer.
  • This is where you educate the group on yourself, your experience & your business.  “One of the products I offer is…”   “A great benefit of buying this product from me is…”
  • Perhaps ask a “did you know” type of question. (Examples: “Did you know that I have 15 years’ experience in my field?”  “Did you know that my store is now carrying the latest trend in handbags?”)
  • Or tell a brief story (Example: Recently I helped a client with a review of their Auto insurance which saved them $300 per year).  Now ask specifically for what you are looking for this week.  “Here is how to find a lead for me this week.”
  • Be SPECIFIC and Get CREATIVE! Members can be your marketing assistants, but we can’t read your mind when it comes to leads that would be good for you. ASK for what you want. “This week I am looking for people who need/want/are talking about …”
  • Be sure to specifically ask for who you want and do not use the words “Someone” or “Anyone”.  (Examples: “I am looking for clients who are currently renting.”  “I am looking for a local business or store who is complaining their computers do not work or are too slow.”  “If you have a friend, colleague or co-worker who has a new pet”.
  • End your commercial with your name, your profession, and your “tag line” or slogan.
  • Prepare in advance, SPEAK UP and put the group to work for YOU!

Note: If you are one of the speakers for the day, we still want to hear your commercial, because it will contain SPECIFICS of what you are looking for in leads for the week!