Visit and Get to Know MembersBeing a member of the Lead Exchange Network is all about relationships between business professionals.

An important way to create and build those relationships is by setting up regular one-to-one meetings with fellow members.

Getting together on a one-to-one basis will benefit you in the following ways: Ā 

  • Gain a better understanding of how your business partner operates their business.
  • Learn how to give more leads to that member.
  • Getting to know each other will help you feel comfortable enough to pass them leads.
  • Learn who else the member needs in the group to create or build their Power team.
  • To get the maximum return on relationships you need to know everything you can about the people in your network.
  • You will then be better able to leverage that knowledge and become a more powerful connector of people.
  • To get started, set a goal to meet with one member of the group each month outside of the meeting.
  • You should reserve about one hour in which each person will get one-half hour to educate the other about their business, their ideal client and how to ask that client for a meeting with a member.
  • For newer members it would be really helpful to do your first few one-to-ones with a more senior member who can help direct the meeting and keep things on-track for success.