ApplauseGuests keep our group alive and growing. The more guests we have, the better chance we have of growing the group and increasing the number of Leads being passed every week!



(Where do I find them?)

Everywhere you go personally and professionally, seven days a week, you are speaking with potential new members. Some of the easiest guests to invite are often overlooked, such as:

  • Auto Repair – Give a lead to your own mechanic every time your car is serviced. .
  • Attorney – There are many different types. Know any?
  • Hair Stylist – Where do you get your hair cut and styled?
  • Travel Agent – Who booked that last business trip or family vacation?
  • Roofer – What Company did the new roof on your neighbor’s home?

(How Do I Invite Them?)

  • “I’d like to introduce you to a few business people; we are having breakfast together next week and I’d love to have you join us!”
  • “I am part of a business networking group that meets on Thursday, and I think it would be great for your business. Can I reserve a seat for you at our next meeting?”
  •  “I recently joined a group of business professionals here and it has made a positive impact on my business! You would love meeting these people. Will you be my guest next week? You’ll be impressed!”

The above are some opener lines. If the answer is yes, follow up with,

  • “Here is the catch.” – You must bring fifty business cards
  • Be prepared to give a thirty second introduction
  • Please be on time
  • Business attire
  • Since I am reserving a seat for you, please call me if you are unable to attend


  • “You would love these people.”
  • “You would be amazed how much business is done.”
  •  “I don’t think your category will last too long.”
  • “You will be impressed.”
  • “The group is really looking forward to meeting you.”
  •  “The only thing you’ll lose is 50 business cards!”

It’s all true. You can feel confident inviting guests as often as you can.