Every member is given the opportunity, on a rotating basis, to talk about and present their business to the other members of the organization. this is essentially a 10 minute training session where you can give fellow members the information they need to know in order to find great leads for you.  Outside speakers are never allowed.

Of course, every member is asked to give a 30 second commercial each week during the meeting and make others aware of what a good lead is for you this week.

Don’t miss these exciting upcoming speakers!



8/2 James Mango
8/9 Mango Will
8/16 Will Orr
8/23 Orr Grello
8/30 Grello Smiley
9/6 Smiley James
Doorkeeper and Featured Speaker must be in the meeting room prior to 7:00 am in order to get ready for arriving members and guests. Anyone having questions or challenges regarding the schedule should contact Gary James at (973) 284-4101. If you cannot fulfill your obligation, it is your responsibility to arrange for your replacement with another member and so notify the Program Director.