The Door Keeper

The Door Keeper performs a very important function.

Hand ShakeYou have only one chance to make a great  first impression, and the Door Keeper is it. From there, the efficiency of the meeting relies on you knowing your responsibilities.

Every member assumes the role of Door Keeper on a rotating basis.

  • Arrive at the meeting room at 6:50 am in order to set up the greeter’s table
  • Place on the greeter’s table the following REQUIRED materials:
    1. Breakfast order sheets and accompanying “Breakfast Markers”
    2. Membership Applications
    3. Visitor Log Sheet – Put the date on the sign-in sheet
    4. Copies of recent Newsletters
  • Distribute lead sheets around the meeting table
  • Give the lead bucket to the Leadmaster
  • When the meeting is over, help the next Doorkeeper to pack up all materials, and make sure that everything is collected and that this instruction sheet is packed in The Box. The President will take The Box home and bring it back the following week.
  • The Door Keeper needs to stay by the greeter’s table unless actively working with a visitor. The Doorkeeper will sign in each member and visitor for breakfast. It is important to do a head count and identify members who have not signed in for breakfast.
  • Explain to each second time guest that they must pay $10.00 for their breakfast. The first one is free.
  • Get food orders to the waitress by 7:15 am.
  • Greeting Guests:
    • Get 2 business cards from each visitor.
    • Write on the back of each card the name of the member who invited the visitor.
    • Have the visitor sign the log sheet.
    • Briefly explain that we will start at 7:15 and that they will be able to do a 60 second presentation when the President calls on them.
    • Remind them to hand out their business cards or brochures to members as they meet them. WE WILL NOT PASS THEM AROUND THE TABLE – they will get the chance to do that once they become a member.
    • Let them know that Lead Exchange Network is eagerly looking for someone in their profession to whom they can give business.
    • Introduce the visitor to other members (perhaps someone in their power team) and have the other member get them coffee or tea and help them pick a seat.
    • Encourage them to network until 7:15.
    • Give the visitors’ business cards to the President by 7:15. The President will use one for the introduction and give one to the Membership Committee Chair for follow-up.
    • Keep an eye on the door for late visitors. Get their business cards with name of the inviting member on back, help them order breakfast, find them a seat and give the President the cards.

The Doorkeeper and Featured Speaker must be in the meeting room prior to 7:00 am. in order to get ready for arriving members and guests.

Anyone having questions or challenges regarding the schedule should contact Gary James at 973 294 4101. If you cannot fulfill your obligation, it is your responsibility to arrange for your replacement with another member and so notify the Program Director.